Welcome To The Pinpokalypse

Welcome To The Pinpokalypse

Posted by Nick Danforth on

Ten years of Mythical Merch - Pinpokalypse draws near, our time spent creating has opened so many doors both physically and metaphorically. We've voyaged to new worlds and far away places, we've assumed the passion, love and even sometimes disdain for so many ideas and ideologies. But through it all we've grown and maybe even learn to love a little more; or at the very least come to see the beauty in another part of the world someone took the time to share with us. 

My name is Nick Danforth and I founded Mythical Merch - Pinpokalypse in late 2012 with the undying support of my friends, an obsession for sharing art and spreading the joy I found in even the simplest forms of creation. We started vending music festivals & concerts that same year and have been so fortunate in being part of an eccentric clan of creators here in Ohio & abroad. We've since worked in numerous states and have been fortunate enough to have our merchandise sold all over the world.

These last few years have been tumultuous for us all, and owning a small business has been gut wrenching. We weren't sure what the future would hold. Things have certainly been tough, but with the support of the people (like you?) we've managed to weather the storm. For that I have a sense of undying gratitude. Everyone on the Mythical Merch team shares an immense sense of joy seeing all of you fall in love with our work. Nothing can describe the feeling of introducing someone to their next love. We are so happy to have done that for thousands of you over this last decade. We look forward to many more years of bringing dreams to reality together with you all. Thanks so much for being a part of our adventure & making us a part of yours.


Your friend,

Nick Danforth

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