Inky Cap Mushroom Melt Snail Mycology Shroom Psychedelic Art Enamel Pin Hat Pin Lapel Pin Brooch Badge Festival Pin

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Inky Cap Mushroom Melt Snail

Delight in the whimsical fusion of nature's wonders and artistic expression with our exclusive "Inky Cap Mushroom Melt Snail" enamel pin. This limited edition masterpiece is a delectable treat tailored for those who appreciate the harmony between the natural world and creative imagination.


  • Dual Post
  • 2" Tall
  • Soft Enamel
  • Backstamped
  • Limited Edition Numbered 1/200 Style
  • Zinc Alloy Metal
  • Hand Painted
  • Black Nickel Metal Finish

Key Features:

Design: Immerse yourself in the delightful synergy of nature and art showcased in the "Inky Cap Mushroom Melt Snail." Standing at an elegant 2 inches, this dual post pin boasts soft enamel detailing, hand-painted accents, and a lustrous black nickel metal finish. The design captures the whimsical essence of a snail adorned with a delectable mushroom melt, making it a visual feast for nature and art enthusiasts alike.

Quality: Crafted from high-quality zinc alloy metal, this pin ensures durability and a unique aesthetic with the black nickel metal finish.


The concept for this pin is a testament to the imaginative genius of Nick Danforth and brought to life through the creative brushstrokes of Erin Barnhart. A limited edition numbered 1/200 style ensures its exclusivity and rarity, appealing to those who value the intersection of art and nature.

Perfect for:

  • Nature Lovers: Wear your admiration for the natural world with a touch of artistic flair.
  • Art Enthusiasts: Adorn yourself with a wearable masterpiece that celebrates creativity and nature's beauty.
  • Collectors: Limited to only 200 numbered pieces, this pin is a cherished addition for collectors seeking unique and rare items.


  • Material: Crafted from premium zinc alloy metal for lasting quality.
  • Packaging: Each pin is backstamped and meticulously packaged to ensure its pristine condition upon delivery.

Limited Edition Numbered 1/200 Style:

Be one of the exclusive owners of this pin with a unique number from our limited edition collection. Only 200 fortunate individuals will possess the delectable charm of the "Inky Cap Mushroom Melt Snail."

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Savor the Whimsy!

Elevate your pin game with the delightful charm of "Inky Cap Mushroom Melt Snail" designed for those who cherish the enchanting connection between nature and art. Order yours today and let the visual feast begin!

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Inky Cap Mushroom Snail Melt Mycology Shroom Psychedelic Art Enamel Pin Hat Pin Lapel Pin Brooch Badge Festival Pin