Time Flies Salvador Owlie Dhali Time Clock Owl Melt Bird Pocket Watch Glow Enamel Hat Pin

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Time Flies Salvador Owlie Dhali Enamel Hat Pin

Embark on a surreal journey with our exclusive "Time Flies Salvador Owlie Dhali" pin, where art, time, and whimsy collide. This limited edition pin adds a touch of surrealism and glow-in-the-dark enchantment to your collection.


  • Dual Post
  • 2"
  • Soft Enamel
  • Backstamped
  • Limited Edition Numbered 1/200 Style
  • Zinc Alloy Metal
  • Hand Painted
  • Black Dyed Metal Finish
  • Glow Enamel

Key Features:

Design: This 2" soft enamel pin features an imaginative fusion of Salvador Dali's melting clock and the mystical owl. The hand-painted details, black dyed metal finish, and glow enamel create a surreal and enchanting atmosphere.

Quality: Crafted from high-quality zinc alloy metal, this pin ensures durability and features a striking black dyed metal finish that complements the surreal theme.

Perfect for:

  • Art Enthusiasts: A unique blend of Salvador Dali's iconic imagery and the enchantment of owls.
  • Surrealism Admirers: Embrace the whimsical and surreal nature of this art-inspired pin.
  • Collectors: Limited to only 200 numbered pieces, this pin is a cherished gem for collectors seeking distinctive and rare items.

Limited Edition Numbered 1/200 Style:

Be one of the exclusive owners of this pin with a unique number from our limited edition collection. Only 200 fortunate individuals will possess the surreal charm of the "Time Flies Salvador Owlie Dhali Enamel Hat Pin."

Behind the Design:

  • Concept: Nick Danforth
  • Illustration: Erin Barnhart

Pins by Mythical Merch - Pinpokalypse:

Join the enchanting world of Mythical Merch, where each pin is a masterpiece crafted with passion and artistic vision. Order the "Time Flies Salvador Owlie Dhali Enamel Hat Pin" today and let your collection transcend into a realm of surreal beauty!

Customer Reviews

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Diana Schmus
Time Flies

I really love the pin. The piece is beautiful with the exception of some of the features are hard to distinguish because it is an enamel pin. That is to be expected. Otherwise, I live it and would love to see more combos using Dali’s work.