Guide To Cleaning Your Pins Safely

Posted by Nick Danforth on

Mythical Merch has over 10 years devising creating and producing art as pins so we figured this guide might help some of you! For anyone who is curious how to keep their pins looking baggie fresh, this guide will walk you through what we do to keep the merch mythical!

For light tarnishing it can be as simple as rubbing it off, your skins natural oils will help remove it! Feel free to use a soft cloth and any non-abrasive polishing agent should do the trick if you encounter any areas with heavier tarnish.

For heavier tarnishing silver polish works great, or even find a polish infused jewelers cloth to skip a step. Microfiber cloths tend to work best, but any softer cloth should do the trick.

Be sure to use a small amount of whatever polish you choose and test it on a small area of the pin to make sure it isn't too abrasive. Though this issue is rare when using proper metal polish, its best to play it safe! We recommend buying a proper jeweler's cloth that comes loaded with polish(under $5), but some have even had success using toothpaste to polish up their pins!

Avoid household cleaning agents & harsh chemicals as they may damage the pins enamel or metal finish. Less is more, unless your polishing the metal water and a thorough dry should do the trick!

Let us know in the comments if this article helped you or if you believe we can add any other good tips!