What Are Soft Enamel Pins? - What Are The Pros & Cons Of Soft Enamel Style Pins?

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Ever heard someone refer to a pin being as being soft enamel? Ever wondered what the pros & cons of this enamel style are? Well, we've decided to take some time to write this article to give you the low down on what exactly makes a pin 'soft enamel'. 

The primary unique feature of soft enamel pins is their recessed sections of color that give the pin texture & show off the art in a unique dimension. For soft enamel pins the enamel paint is applied into the recessed areas and baked onto the metal till it hardens hence bonding to the metal surface. Ever seen a pin that doesn't have a smooth finish to the surface? Than its very likely this is a soft enamel style pin!

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Pros Of Soft Enamel Pins

Soft enamel pins are generally more affordable to produce given a shorter manufacturing period. Additionally, soft enamel pins offer more design flexibility to increase color count as well as intricacy. But hard enamel pins are also quite detailed! Soft enamel pins can also have an epoxy applied to allow for a smooth gloss finish as well. Our soft enamel pins are generally brighter glow pins than their hard enamel counterparts, but this can also vary based on the manufacturing process.

Cons Of Soft Enamel Pins

Soft enamel pins do not offer a scratch resistant surface like hard enamel pins, but at a cheaper price. Some soft enamel pins can appear gritty on their surface, this is due to a granule added to the enamel paint that allows for the absorption of light & will make the pin glow. Whilst the surface may look more porous this method allows for the best glow effects. Additionally an epoxy coating may be applied to give a gloss finish similar to hard style enamel pins. 

We hope this article can help to clear up some of your questions about soft enamel hat pins and what makes them unique & different from hard enamel pins! If you enjoyed this article please give it a share or email us at Nick@mythicalmerch.net & let us know so we keep writing more! Thanks for reading & take care of yourselves!


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