What Is A Hard Enamel Pin? - Discover The Pros & Cons Of Hard Enamel Style Pins

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If you happen across this article, chances are you've heard the term 'hard enamel pin' & are wondering what exactly makes this enamel paint finish style unique. Ever wonder the pros & cons for hard enamel pins? Are they better than soft enamel? Well, we're going to break it all down so there's no further confusion regarding what exactly makes a 'hard enamel pin'!

Upon examining a hard enamel pin you may notice the surface of the pin is smooth & shinier than that of its soft enamel counterpart. Unlike its porous soft enamel counterpart, a hard enamel pin will have enamel filled up to the edges of the metal color-fill separation lines several times. After the enamel paint will be baked onto the metal & then polished. This allows for a smooth often scratch resistant surface with a more reflective, brilliant finish when shown in good light. Come across a pin with a smooth, even surface and visible metal separation lines between colors? This is very likely a hard enamel style pin.

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Pros Of Hard Enamel Pins

Generally speaking hard enamel pins are considered more durable than soft enamel pins due mainly to their scratch resistant coating applied during finishing. The polished finish of hard enamel pins is indeed superior to that of soft enamel pins unless you're looking for a more unique dimension not offered by other art mediums as frequently. 

Cons Of Hard Enamel Pins


Hard enamel pins are generally more expensive to make due to the longer enameling process. There aren't as many available color options for these style pins, but generally color matching is still quite accurate. Hard enamel pins aren't 100% scratch resistant, while offering some protection metal on metal contact will still often damage them. Overall all pins offer an extremely high level of durability over other forms of art or merchandise.

We hope this article can help to clear up some of your questions about hard enamel hat pins and what makes them unique & different from soft enamel pins! If you enjoyed this article please give it a share or email us at Nick@mythicalmerch.net & let us know so we keep writing more! Thanks for reading, wishing you all the very best.


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